Thank you, Charmagne. Thank you for sharing. Yes, help yourself to some coffee…You see, everyone, addiction comes fast and hard. It comes so fast and hard, we don’t even know we’ve been hit until it’s too late. But everyone here, tonight, in this group, is lucky. We’ve lived through the worst of it. We’re still here to talk about it. We take it one day at a time. One second at a time. One—excuse me? Sir?

Sheeit, man. Why’d you run out like that? Fuck. You’re gonna get me in trouble. Sheeit, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble. You court ordered to be here? What? Why you looking at me like that? Fuck you, man. You don’t know me. Just because you fucked me against some dumpster don’t mean you know me...Wait! Wait, man. Settle down. It’s cool. Have a smoke. You got another smoke I could have? Thanks, man. See? It’s all cool when you settle down…Fuck it. We’ll be a’ight. Todd will let this one slide. We signed in. Did you sign in? It guess it don’t matter…Where we going? Hold up! You’re crazy, man. We can’t go in there!

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